What to expect in a lesson

Singing is an intimate thing.   Singing is a fun thing.   Do you want to improve your singing?   Everyone is different and everyone wants something a little different when it comes to their singing.  One thing that is for certain is there are many tools you can learn to ensure safe and efficient way of singing and improve your confidence!

• Do you like singing but feel nervous or shy about "your" sound??  …  We can discover and work through that!

• Do you have songs that you want to write?  …  We can explore that!

• Are you a singer/guitarist?  …  I know about that!

• Have you always wished you could sing a little higher or can sing then but find they are weak and you don't like the sound??  …  We can work on that!

• Do you run out of breath when you're singing??  …  We can practice breathing for singing!

• Are you brand new to singing in front of someone??  …  We can go gently together!

• Are you exhausted after singing for long periods or feel feel strain??  …  We can talk about about the best ways of looking after you voice!

At first, we will get a picture of what you would like for your singing and what you can expect from singing sessions.   Strong focus will be on breathing for singing and vocal exercises that you will be able to practice at home with progression accordingly.

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