Jaw tension can be a real hinderance to your singing. If you find this is a problem for you might like to give these ideas a try and I'm quite sure you'll notice a big positive difference!

Do some or all - the whole routine takes about 10mins but you can do any of these anytime you think of of it!


  • This first tip is taken directly from thehealthylivinglounge.com14 funky Ways to Calm your Nerves Consistently (one of many 'must reads'!) MELT THE FROWN - Melt the frown, un-clench your jaw and drop your shoulders. Smile and release the worry. It takes energy, lots and lots of energy to hold a tense, tight frown on your forehead. Check in with your forehead now – lose the frown then relax the skin across your forehead. Notice how you release the pressure in your temples as well when you melt the frown. While you are at it, pay close attention to your teeth and jaw. Un-clench your jaw, relax your tongue (very important) and part your teeth slightly. This will help enormously release facial and neck tension. You might even notice your shoulders relaxing and dropping at the same time.


  • Breathe in as you raise your shoulders as high as they will go. Breathe out as you release them to their original position. Imagine you are breathing out all tension as you do this. Repeat
  • Next draw circles with your right shoulder - allowing area to move freely. Repeat with left side.
  • Now try both shoulders together - experiment with different size circles and directions
  • Turn your neck gently to look over your right shoulder - then gently return to face front. Repeat on left side. Do this 2-3 times
  • Slowly and gently tilt your head to the right bringing your right ear toward your right shoulder - then gently return to original position. Repeat on left side. Do this 2-3 times
  • Gently drop you chin down to your chest then with thumb under chin assist your head back to normal position. Do this 2-3 times

NOW the JAW :


  • Pretend you are chewing a large piece of gum in your mouth.
  • Big vowel shapes!! A-E-I-O-U ... Starting with "A", say the vowel out loud while stretching the mouth shape out as far as possible. Hold this exaggerated mouth shape for 5-10 seconds. Then move on to E. Continue with all five vowels.
  • The Maori War face - Open your face up wide! Your eyes and your mouth - and poke your tongue out! Do this at least twice - I promise your face will love it!


  • Allow jaw to descend gently and hang loose - let remain open for 10 seconds and slowly close. Repeat 4 times allowing jaw to open and drop a little further each time
  • If you clench you teeth together your jaw muscles will stand out - making them easier to locate. Once you've located these muscles, release the clench and use your fingertips to press and massage these muscles in small circles. See if you can detect the muscles gently softening under your fingertips.
  • Place fingertips on the jaw muscles then begin to gently drag them toward the corners of the mouth. This will probably feel tender
  • There is pressure point that found in the depression at the bottom of the ear. This may be a little tender to press but is excellent for releasing jaw tension.


  • Flop your jaw down by saying a dull “huh”; clasp your hands together in front of you and shake you hands vigorously allowing your jaw to bounce up and down with each shake.