• Singing/performing is a very intimate thing. It’s natural and normal to be nervous – it means you care about what you are doing

• Know your song INSIDE OUT – be as prepared as possible!

• Try to take any opportunity to sing in front of others  - there are no shortcuts to experience

• You are giving ‘yourself’ and some people can do it more naturally than others – but EVERYONE can!

• Remember that your audience is “with” you – they want you to do well – know that their vibes are with you.

ALLOW YOURSELF the “freedom” to do your thing – once you do, you will love yourself for it !!!!



• Famous professional singers have worked hard to be where they are.  Devoted years to singing, whether it is at home, in a garage, with a band, in cafes, or doing gigs in small establishments.  They have been discovered or have contacted plenty of agents trying to find one who will represent them. Mostly, their success wasn’t that easy

• famous singers (or any professional for that matter) have to  be confident ... doesn’t mean they have to arrogant or pretentious but they must hold themselves in high regard so that they may keep building upon the skills that they already have.  Artists who have forged ahead and maybe even dared to try something new and exciting have generally been the ones who last longer in their profession.

• Many mainstream artists who are still working the charts  (eg Elton John, Madonna, U2, Sting and, of course, many more) are confident in what they do, confident to take chances and push to the highest levels.

• We don’t have to do what these guys have done  - only to focus on trying to get self-confidence high.  If you are learning about your singing and voice – do it! Practice, take care and push to new heights!

• acknowlege your ‘successes’ and progress

• We all have our own personal comfort levels that we want to push as a singer/performer.

• learn to take chances: be willing to show yourself, your emotion and your confidence on stage – your audience will responsive.

• Singing in any situation, onstage or not, with any type of audience present is a bonding experience between the listener and the singer(s).  But you have to be the first one to wear your heart on your sleeve.

• Try not to be shy – be sincere. If you are sincere, your audience will know

With practice this will bring ‘connection’!!