Checklist for working with the band

- Compiled by DIANE GARDINER and used as a guide for working with a band -

“Tools of the Trade” workshop Sunday March 18th 2012


• Song Name_____________________________________

• What Key is your song in?_________________________

• Before you start, think about the tempo (speed of the beat). Try singing it in your head and tapping the pulse. When you’ve settled on the tempo count the band in – It’s best to make eye contact with the drummer or whoever starts first. It’s even better if you know the metronome number.

Metronome speed if known  M.M.=_________________(beats per minute)

• Feel/ Style (ie driving rock, lazy swing, slow & bluesy)________________________________________

• Be clear with the band about the form of the song ie – Verse, verse, chorus, verse, bridge etc.

Form of your song       ________________________________________________________________

• Discuss with the band how long the intro is and also how to finish. (eg 4 bar intro  + song ends with 4 bars of guitar solo getting slower)

Your Intro/Outro______________________________________________________________________

Feel free to change any of these elements to suit your performance. When working with live musicians as opposed to a backing track, it is mostly best not to try to copy the original version but to make it your own unique performance. This is what makes ‘live performance’ so exciting. Each time you perform live the performance will vary slightly in ‘feel’ and energy.

If whilst you're singing, you miss a verse or have to change something, ALWAYS make eye contact with the band and communicate off mic where to go to from there.